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Activia Coupon Giveaway!

I just won 5 points on the SuperLucky Button!

I just won 5 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping.


I found a $10/$50 Carters coupon, and I hadn't been there in a while so figured I'd go see what they had.
Well I walked out with a bunch of shorts and shirts for my little guy!
4 Pairs of Athletic Shorts [mesh] 6 Shirts [including the one he has one -- he wouldn't take it off so i could take a picture so i had to improvise! haha] My Mom Rocks w/Guitars on front and backTough like Dad w/a tow truckBaseballShort Stop in trainingHomerun Hitter w/32 in the backRadical Nautical w/a anchor [we always buy anything with RAD in it for our last name]
OOP I spent: $68.00 Total before savings: $160.00! Total Savings: $92.00!

Giveaway from Thrifty and Chic - Empire Patio Furniture Covers!

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Giveaway from Happily Domestic !

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10 Gifts to Grow Pts

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