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Family Dollar Store Question...

i found a family dollar sale ad at my Nanas house today...theres allot of stuff in there i have coupons question is can you use coupons there? There stuff isnt $1 like most dollar stores so i dont see why not...but i dunno i dont usually shop there! Anyone????....


Sears had a ton of 40,50,70% off stuff for kids/babys [adults too!] My sister got a bikini for $17.00, each piece was orig. $30!
I got Kait a Ariel night gown that was orig. $22.00 marked down to $10.99 w/a additional 40% off making it $6.xx!!
I woulda looked around more but i had to get Kait soon so i didn't want to be rushing! I might go back and look for some Jeans for her!

Tomorrow is Kaitlyns last day of camp=(
She had so much fun!!
She got in the car today and said "this boy told me i was ugly today" i said did you tell your teacher?
She said NO, i said "NO YOUR UGLY!!" hahahah i can so picture her saying it too!! Shes one tough cookie and wont take crap from anyone!!
So yea im gunna talk to her instructor tomorrow and ask her what we should sign her up for in the fall or whenever the next session is.
Yesterday when me and my sister went to pick her up, we went early so we could watch her a little bit...when we got there she was on the trampoline doing the spli…


FINALLY i broke down and bought another Adobe Photoshop!
Ive bought 2 others in the past and for some reason they wont load in my computer anymore...i REALLY didn't want to go out and spend $100.00 on something i have sitting in the desk, but what good is it to me if it doesn't even work!?
So finally today i said to Dave "i need to go get having withdrawals!" haha.
I went online and found a coupon for 12% off!! Woohoo!
So we got Adobe Photoshop 6.0 for $92 after taxes. I mean its still expensive but cheaper than it was orig!
This is the link if anyone needs it!!
STAPLES 12% off!!

Scrubbing Bubbles

Dave and I went to CVS this AM after we dropped Kait off at camp.
I noticed there was a sign under the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic shower cleaner it was 25% off, making it $12.50 so i looked and YEP course i had a $5.00 off coupon, making it $6.00!!
For $6.00 ill try it...$25.00 no f'n way!!!
I also bought 2 cans of OUST [one for my mom]
they were on clearance for $1.85 and w/my $1.00 off coupons they were .85 a piece!!

Coupon Binder!

Thanks to Alyssa @ Keeping the Kingdom First i started a Coupon Binder!!!
The only thing left i have to get is the card holders and a small calculator, which i will prob. get tomorrow.

This is what it looks like SO far!

Front Pocket for Scissors etc.

Tabs to seperate by catogory
[Grocery, Health,Beauty,Baby, Misc.]

Beauty & Baby

Kids Clothes and Dept. Store type coupons
[i also have a section for receipts]



We started talking about baby carriers last night.We have Kaits, which WAS fine the last time Kait used it [3 years ago] but i guess from being in storage it got torn some how from boxes or whatnot.So i did my homework last night while Dave was at work. I found 3 i liked. 2 of the ones i picked had "okay" reviews. The biggest thing was the seat adjusts from the back of the carrier & people said that it was really annoying and not practical, plus I'm used to Kaits old seat that adjusts in the front. So that left us w/one choice & i figured when we got to the store they wouldn't even have it or something cause i have the best luck ever -- NOT. So we decide to go out looking this morning. We get there and looked @ the 3 we saw online, and we played with the ones that adjust in the back and we both agreed that it would be incredibly annoying, so we look @ our 1st choice and both like it, so we look underneath and its not there!! ahh so a girl came up and asked us…

Shopping to kill time!

Yesterday we had a apt to bring the SUV in to get w/e is wrong w/the a/c fixed. The autobody is in Wilbraham so we werent going to drive back home and then back to get the car later on...
We dropped it off for 8am, so we needed to find stuff to do in the mean time!!
It was just me and Dave, Kait slept @ my parents the night before. So Dave took me to breakfast @ this little cafe in the center of town.
After that we went back to CVS and used my BOGO Vive Shampoo Coupon on the BOGO sale! Soo yep i got them for FREEE!
Then went to the bank -- ew i soo hate going to the bank!! Goodbye money!
After that we went to TRU. I had two 15% off coupons and a $3.00 off coupon on this laugh and learn doggie.

When we walked in i had to insanly pee my brains out [ohh the joys of being pregnant!] in the mean time dave went up to the heard of TRU employees and asked if you can use 2 coupons on one item and more than one % off coupon if your buying more than one item. The girl he talked to was a mang. and…


So far on Ebay i sold a book for $15.00 and a Shirt for $6.00!
My plans [just like i did last year] are to start selling random shit i have around the house, and save up my pay pal money to use to buy toys etc. on ebay for the kids for xmas or for kaits bday!! it worked out so good last year!!! even bought dave a brand new patriots jersey for a great price, and that was using my paypal money=)
Hope i have another successful xmas season...oh yea my xmas season has already begun, seeing as ill be a little pregnant by the time i need to start bday shopping for kait, and by the time its time to xmas shop ill have a newborn, soooo im thinking i'll try to get everything done way before hand!!!

Okay back to thunderstorm #3 of the night!!

Older than Dirt!

I hate our rite aid!!!
Anytime you go in there no matter what time of day, it seems like the same to old lady's are working! Maybe they live there? Who knows...but you never see anyone else working expect for the people in the pharmacy!
They cant move for shit either...i know at our CVS if you wanted a price check or picked up the wrong item they always went and did it for you! Today the lady made Dave go get 2 different shampoos...which isnt a problem, but she had done our entire order already so while we sat there waiting for dave to get back the line grew longer and longer...but she couldn't call for someone to get the shampoos cause there was no one else working!!!!
This lady had NO system @ all!! She had our entire order spread out on the counter, and had to keep having us check the little debit swipper thing to see if she already scanned that item!
She had me so confused by the time we were sure half the receipt is messed up!! I couldn't even think!!! I know th…

Rite Aid Tomorrow [well today]

So this past Sunday we definitely didn't get a Rite Aid flyer, so while i was @ my parents house tonight i took my moms...
I have a few coupons to use there, and i hope it works!

1.Dove Shampoo/Conditioner/Stylers are BOGO and i have a $2.00 coupon making the total .25!!! [Score!!!]
2. [Im hoping this flys] Garnier Fructis is 2/$6 i have two different $1.00 buying two bottles so i should be able to use 2 coupons rite?! well im gunna try!
3.Luvs Jumbo Pack of diapers [50 ct] are on sale for $10.99. Luvs sent me a $5.00 coupon, so im going to use that and get them for $5.99 so .08 a diaper if i figured that out rite...could be .11.

Today @ CVS i got Vive Shampoo which was BOGO then i had a $1.00 off coupon...cept i f'd up and used the wrong coupon! I should have used the BOGO coupon i had and would have gotten them for free!!!
grrr. Maybe ill go back tomorrow and use the other coupon!!
I want f'n ECB's!! i haven't gotten any in so s…

Tag Sale*

Forgot to write about the tag sale this weekend.
My parents neighbors mother is permanently in a nursing home, so they had a big tag sale @ her house and included their stuff as well.
I wasn't planning on going [like always] i dunno im just not a BIG tagsale goer. But i love when i find good stuff!

We're not even there 5 seconds and Kaitlyn is scoping out the place!
She got:
Trouble [well actually i think that was for me! haha]Break the IceMemory [she had one but played it so much the pieces got messed up]She got this talking run the card threw like a debit machine and it sounds out words for you. Its a older system, but it works!A pair of Candy Corn earrings for halloween but she'd like them for now!She found me a puka shell anklet
One of those books that you press the buttons when the story tells you to.All that for $7! The original prices were still on the games, and they added up to way more than $7;-)

My parents also went the day before me and my mom went...they …

My Burnt ASS & Scary OB apt!

So Cape Cod was a good time yesterday!!! It was overcast all day, but we all got color & enjoyed our selves! We packed our lunch so like saved us like $500 haha that beach food is freakin expensive!!
We got there about 10am and left around 1pm...thats when we lost the sun! We then headed to the outlets and did some shopping for Kait.
Today after my OB check up we went to my parents house and laid in the pool for a few hours.
Apparently i haven't gotten any color on my ass [well side of my bathing suit] i really thought more of my ass was submerged in the water, but apparently not!! OUCH!!!!!!
We also hit up the Dollar Tree today some guy Dave works with told him they have Bertolli meals for $1.00 instead of $9-10.00 @ the grocery stores!

So my 6 month OB apt was today. I did that wonderful PEE in a cup crap and the nurse took my BP and did my weight. She didn't say a word about either!
So my OB comes in asks me all the normal Q's like are you feeling him move around?-YES... …

Walgreens [Freebie!], Old Navy & Outlet Shopping!

In the Wags flyer this Sunday is Dawn dish soap on sale for .99!
I had 2 $1.00 manu. coupons from 2 weeks ago, so i used those and got the 2 soaps for FREE!

Old Navy:
Dave needed a new suit for the Cape [we went Sunday], so i figured he'd be able to find something @ ON. While we were there i figured id check out clearance and let Kait get some school stuff [cant believe im already saying that!] & check out stuff for Braeden.
Im def. not as impressed w.Old Navy clearance as i used to be! When i was pregnant w/Kait i got crazy deals on clearance, and now not so much!

Dave found a suit for $8.99 orig. $20.00!
I found Kait a pair of size 5 Jeans [oh yes my 3.5 y/o is tall!] for $7.99 orig. $16.50!
We bought 14 items.

When all was said and done OOP was $84.63 [i also had a $10/50 coupon]

W/out the sales & clearance we would have spent $133.50
We SAVED $48.87

Sunday Splurge:
On our way back from Cape Cod we stopped @ the Wrentham Outlets and did some more School Shopping for the…


Okay so Tuesday afternoon i get a reminder call from my OB office reminding me that i had a ultrasound appointment for Thursday, so i said okay and hung up. Well today the office calls and tells me i missed my appointments!!! i was like i did? i thought my apt was for Thursday [thats what the girl said!] but apparently the girl told me the rite date but wrong day of the week, grrrr!!
So of course i rescheduled, but i figured they wouldn't be able to get me in till sometime next year!
Buttttt she had a opening on Friday @ 4:45! phew!
uhg im such a dumbass...i need to start writing shit down!!!

Lets see today in the mail i got Parents Mag. which had two 20% off coupons for Gymboree!! I've never shopped there, so i was j/w what your thoughts are? good, bad? Worth using my coupons?
Also i got a free sample of playtex personal cleansing cloths...i think Daves getting weirded out by the shit thats come in the mail the past 2 days haha=) But hell i like to try things before i go spend mon…

Todays Freebies...[odd!]

My parents took Me, Kait, My sister and her friend to Water Country in New Hampshire was a really nice out today & the park wasn't crowded at all!
Dave stayed home cause he's working 3rd shift this week, so i called him to see what we got for mail today.
He said i got my Single Check Rebate back from Rite Aid, its for $2.40 woohoo haha i cant even remember what it was i bought, but i remember getting this rebate made w/e it was free!
Also i got a 10% off Apparel coupon card for KMart...i don't usually buy any clothes from there, but maybe they will have something good for the baby.
..and lastly Dave tells me i got a envelope from some company he didn't recognize, so i told him to open it. hahah it was a f'n condom!!! WTF?! do i look like i need a condom @ this point in my life?! hahah he found it pretty funny! When i got home and took a look @ it, im not even sure who the hell its supposed to fit, cause it sure as hell wont fit my husband [i kno i kno TM…

Baby Clothes & CVS

Thanks to my myspace friend Jen...a few weeks ago i got a heavy ass box from her, i open it and the clothes like exploded out of the box!!! Braeden is going to have SOOO many things to wear!
Then today the mailman comes to the door with ANOTHER box!!! She sent stuff w/tags still on them!! What more can i ask for!! I know some pretty awesome people!!
Dave was so excited to see what was in the box [im pretty sure he's 5, not 25!], he was like a little kid on xmas AM!!!

Thanks Jen<3>Went to CVS again today [i should just get a job there!]. One of the polishes i bought was cracked, so i exchanged that one and of course used ANOTHER coupon, but i let Kaitlyn pick out the colors she wanted [mm fire engine red!!! haha the other 2 colors weren't too bad!].
We also got our $1 back for Daves BOGO powerades!

Home Depot*

So Dave started painting the baby's room...well priming anyway. We weren't sure if we'd need to re paint the ceiling but ends up that we DO. So we had $23.00 on a gift card, so we used that...sooo free paint! On our way to the paint dept. they had a shit load of clearance! I got 3 trash baskets! 2 where $2.00 and one was $2.98 they were all orig. $5-6! All our baskets were starting to look sad so why not!
We paid $3.00 OOP!!
Speaking of the babys room heres some pictures of whats done SO FAR[The second color is what his room will be]

[w/one coat of primer]

[His 2 closets]

[0-3 & 3-6m clothes]

[From the split down is 6-12m clothes]

[Right side is ALL onsies stacked by 4's!][Some baby stuff...didn't feel like bringing the rest upstairs yet! i have 3 more bottles i got for free, another pack of nipples and some other random stuff!]

[All his pants/jeans]

Toys/Babys R Us [not SO much a deal]

We went to get a gift card for my cousins birthday party but ended up shopping!!
I ended up needing more hangers than i got@ target so i picked up 3 more packs @ $1.99 a piece.
Got 2 XMas presents:
Little Mermaid book for Kaitlyn -- we're getting her the Tag LeapFrog reading thing for either her bday or xmas, there was a $4 off coupon for the books in the TRU book making them $9.00 & for the baby we got the Laugh & Learn tool bag, that was $15.99 and they let us use the $3 off the Laugh and Learn Purse coupon [even tho they weren't supposed to ;-)] coupon, so it ended up being $12.99!
I got Pampers 160 ct. diapers & 560 ct. wipes. Toys R Us lets you use as many manf. coupons as your heart disieres on one or more packs of diapers/wipes etc!!!! i used like 5-6 $1.00 off coupons!! Although i spent $13.92 on the wipes & $33.06 on diapers i still got the diapers for .4 a piece & wipes for .2 a piece!!! I highly doubt either will go to waste!!! ...and anything thats …

Bath and Body Works*

I got a little card in the mail for B&BW's the other day apparently i signed up for their mailing list? w/e i don't remember.
It was for a FREE 3.0oz bottle of lotion [no purchase ness.] but also w/the card you could save 20% on your purchase!
I was just going to do the free lotion but then i realized we were outa the soap i liked from there, so i figured id might as well take advantage!
So i got the free lotion, and 3 antibacterial foaming soaps -- they were 3 for $10 [pretty much B2GO cause they are $5 a piece]
I also got a small cuc/melon anti bacterial soap to put in my bag.

My total was $9.34!! i was happy=)
Also they will be having a pretty nice sale in august...i plan to stock up!!!
one of the sale was 5 soaps for $15!!!


I got a booklet in the mail the other day w/a card on it saying "Make a baby registry get a $20.00 gift card" so even tho im not having a shower, i went and registered!!! ahha yeaaa!!
We wanted to get a few things anyway so the gift card was a nice addition!!

Band-AIDs [20 pack] were on clearance for $4.24 -- came w/a bonus 20 pack of batman band-aids $ i had a $1.00 coupon [we go threw band aids like crazy!]Gillette Satin Care shaving cream Orig. $1.97 i got 3 w/ 3 $1.00 off coupons making them .97 a piece!Colgate & Crest tooth paste was $2.50 i had a $1.00 off coupon for both, making them both $1.50Poland Springs water w/4 bonus waters for $4.994 sets of baby hangers @ $1.29 a piece20oz coke $1.39 [that dave coulda done w/o!!!]Trident .97Bottle of Dasani $1.39 [that i couldnt do w/o ;-)]

Total after $20.00 gift card $5.36! I dont feel like we got alot for $25.00 but w/e it was stuff we needed and we had the GC so w/e!

[Minus the Poland Spings & Hangers]

CVS [Saturday & Sunday]

I had some coupons from the past week i wanted to use before the sale ended.
I got:
Dawn Ultra BOGO w/$1.00 off coupon x2Fabreze Air Effects 2/$5 w/a BOGO coupon x2
Olay Ribbons 10oz bottle $2.50 -- i had a $2.00 off coupon so it should have came out .50 but for some reason it didnt [ill be going back to fix that;-)]Olay Ribbons 18oz [cause they didnt have any more 10oz] $5.99 then $1.00 couponPoweraide BOGO
Hand Sanitizer $3.19I saved $25.70
I got 7 ECB's back
Total OOP $13.17 or $6.17 depending how you look at it.

2 Powerades @ $1.00 each but there was a BOGO sign in front of them, but they didn't ring up BOGO so we'll be bringing that receipt back w/the other one!!!Sally nail polish .99 x3 w/a 2/$3.00 coupon made them FREE!!!AJax dish soap BOGO @ $.1.79
Arizona Ice Tea BOGO x2 @ .99CVS anti bacterial hand sanitizer FREE w/CVS coupon off my receipt from SaturdayFlipz choc. covered pretzels .99 <---im pregnant give me a break! hahaHallmark Card $2.69Tic Tacs .8…

BIG-Y [Friday & Saturday]

So we've really been limiting our selves to eating out...1. either of us need to be eating shit and 2. it helps save money!
But Friday Dave worked 12 hours, it was hot out & we didn't feel like cooking, so i took out my handy dandy big-y coins and took a look @ what we could eat for "cheap" w/a Red Coin!
We got a $16.00 family fish meal for $ fed us all!! now if we went out to a seafood restaurant we'd prob. spend at least $30! Also @ Big-Y i used another $3.00 off 2 bottles of Herbal Essense coupon, once again getting 2 bottles for $1.63!!!

Thanks to Cort [our friend who works @ Big-Y] she informed us that someone goofed printing the COIN pamphlet for the month/s. Red coin said FREE wrap, but apparently thats not what they were supposed to be!! Soo on our way home Saturday we figured we'd stop and get some wraps!! We only had one coin, so only one would be free, but w/a silver coin which i have a collection of you could get t…

Sally Hansen Nail Polish!

Starting this Sunday 7/13/08 till 7/19/08 you can get 3 Sally Hansen nail polishes for free!!!!
If you want to know how click the link below.

The sale is for .99 a polish and the coupon is for $3.00 of 2+ buy 3 x .99 = $2.97

Print your coupon from here!!


Today we did our weekly shopping. We went to Big-Y cause they have some stuff that was BOGO and BOG2 [blueberrys, strawberrys etc.]. I also had a $10 off $50 or more coupon.
We saved $15.75 w/coupons & all together we saved $71.81 [actually shoulda been 72.18 cause we forgot to give the girl a coupon, so i'll bring my receipt in tomorrow and get my dollar back]. Our total bill was $80.70 [again should have been $79.70] <-- thats a first!!! Last week i only spent $99.55 and i thought that was good!!!
My best deal was...
Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioners are BOGO @ $4.63 ea., i had a coupon for $3.00 off 2 bottles of HE, so i figured id try and see if they'd take the coupon...and they did!!! So i got 2 bottles of almost $5 shampoo for $1.63!!! So when i go to get my $1 back tomorrow im putting it towards 2 more bottles cause my mom gave me her coupon!!
I was a very happy!!

Another SEMI deal i got was @ toys r us.
I wanted a body pillow cause i cant get comfy @ night since…

Late night CVS run

i needed some tylonal [only i can take for my stupid headaches while preggo], so seeing as i had 1+7ECB's i figuerd i might as well use 'em!!
I got a travel tylonal cause i like having it on me for when these random headaches attack...then down the baby isle they had a bunch of pampers and one pack of Huggies on the 50% rack!! I had a $1.00 off coupon so i took the Huggies! They were $11.99 marked down to $8.99 w/my coupon $7.99..this was a mega pack w/48 diapers!
I was only going to have to put a $1.00 in but then Dave found the little pack of Oreos i was looking for! We're going to put them in my Nanas casket tomorrow, cause Oreos were my Nana and kaitlyns thing =( So anyway my total after my EBS's was $3.64!
The cashier couldnt get our 7 ECB's to work at first, i was getting worried!! She was trying to tell us it wasnt from the sale account! How could it not be from the same account?! Its the only account we have!! Finally she did something and the computer took it…


Abby got mail today!
She got a free pack of Pup-Peroni RIBS & a dollar coupon!!

I also got a FREE signature collection 2oz body lotion!
Along with a card for 20% off my purchase!!!

Last mail item for the day was a $10 off $50 or more coupon for BIG-Y [one or our grocery stores] in our value pack!!


So ive been waiting for my P&G coupons for what seems like forever, but it was really only like 3 weeks! I was waiting for my pamper coupon haha -- sad huh?
Well i had 25 EBC's ive been saving so course i wanted to hit up CVS! I usually try to figure out how much my total is going to be ahead of time, but yesterday i didnt do that, i felt stressed for some reason, but i did really good just guessing!! Heres my CVS list!

Dawn Simple Pleasures - BOGO & a $1.00 cpn
Febreze Air Effects Spray - 2/$5 & a BOGO cpn
Gillette Shaving Cream - $3.99 & $1.00 cpn
Pampers Jumbo Pack - $8.99 & $1.50 cpn
Crest Whitning Toothpaste -$2.49 & $1.00 cpn
2 CVS waterproof bandaids - $2.99 BOGO
Huggie Wipes - $3.49 & $1.00 cpn
J&J Easy Grip Soap - .99

After coupons my total came to $25.00 so w/my 25 ECB's i paid nothing OOP! How i did that perfectly is beyond me!!! I saved $41.19!!
I also got 1 ECB back...only 1? wtf!! I spend enough money in that store where my ECB's should …

Babys R Us*

Today the 3 of us went to our Babys R Us. I had a coupon for $5.00 off $25 or more, then last night i found a Toys R Us coupon for $10 off $50 or more but i figured it was only for TRU, but i figured id try we picked out the bedding we liked, but then i saw the price and was kinda Ehhh....but then Dave walked down a little farther and there was a clearance section that had bedding pretty similar to the original one!! This one was $149.99 w/15% and the original one was going to be $179.99!

They also had the mobile on clearance to go with it!! That was $39.99 w/another 15%!
So Dave went threw with the bedding and used the $10 off coupon so he got it for $129.00! And i went threw w/the mobile and used my $5 off coupon so i got it for $26.00!!
I think we did pretty good!

(Train, Sailboat, Fire Truck, Police Car)

Then we went to home depot to get paint for the baby's room, Behr was having a rebate sale on 1 gallon cans and 5 gallon cans. So we needed two, so now we'll be get…


So my mom went to Macy's to get a bday present today, she found a Hannah Montana bathing suit for Kaitlyn! It was orig. $19.00 she got it for $7.00!
So course after her telling me they were having a awesome sale, Dave and I hit up Macy's!
Im pretty sure EVERY rack had some sort of % off! But course i hit up the $2.49 rack!
I got the baby a whole bunch of stuff for next summer and a few things for now!
Kait also got a high school musical t-shirt and a speedo bathing suit both for $7.49!
Well if we had bought everything regular price our total would have been $230.90!!!
We saved $166.53 & our total was....$64.37!!!! Our bag was stuffed full!!!
Not to mention Dave is having a field day shopping for his son!!! hehe.

Ohh my favorite deal from today was, the two 3 piece NIKE outfits we got, they were $44.00 a piece! We got one for $7.49 and the other for $12.99!!! It came with shorts, a tshirt and a zipper down hoodie!!! So the hoodie can be used for both seasons=)

[Minus Kaits 2 things]

Victorias Secret!!

Thanks to Amanda i got 2 VS bras for about the price of 1!!!
$33.97 was my total for the 2!!
I also had a VS GC i forgot about that had $5.01 on it, so that helped too!!!
The bras i got were the 2 i really wanted before i even found out about this deal, they we're two different IPEX'.

One of the bras i clicked by accident was going to cost $4.99 so you can def. get a better deal than i did, but im very happy with my deal=)
So if you want this deal go to around, check out, and put this code in bras15, you will see the price difference rite away!
Good Luck, let me know if you did this!

Surprise CVS clearance!

So we went to CVS this afternoon. Kaitlyn was looking for a band-aid this morning, apparently she had used the last one and never told me! So even tho what she needed the band-aid for was no bigger than a paper cut, i figured id stop and get some anyway.
On my way to the bandaid isle i noticed a 50% off cart in the baby isle, so course i hit that up!!
They had a few packs of CVS brand diapers which i was never a fan of so i passed up, but what i did get was two 2-packs of playtex drop in nipples [and that is the bottle we're going to be using for the baby].
Next was Gentle Naturals Teething Drops. Ive been looking to use a $1 off Gentle Naturals coupon i had but i always felt they were pretty expense! So finally was able to use my coupon and what better to do it on a clearance item!!!
Lastly was CVS brand clear 30 count Assorted Sizes band-aids -- they were on sale this week.

Gentle Naturals $2.75 SAVED $2.74
Playtex Nipples $2.22 x2
Clear Band-Aids $2.99

I DID have ECB's…