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Big-Y & Stop & Shop Trips today!

I'm not going to list everything but here's what I got and my totals!!

Stop and Shop: I did the buy $10 Participating Items get a $10 CAT for your next purchase. Well as usual the CAT didnt print! But the CS people are always awesome, they are always uhgg uhgg these promotions never work!!!! So anyway instead of making me RE-DO the deal they just gave me $10 cash!!! Hey works for me!!! [see ad for CAT deal].
Egg BeaterStouffers Sub2 Mini Wheats1 Nutri grain Bars
2 Pop Tarts [fam size]4 Eggo Waffles
1 Cinnabun BarsTOTAL OOP: $19.38 - $10 Cash back = $9.38!
SAVED - $17.98
YTD Savings = $1772.29!!!

NOTE-Dont forget to add your 3 FREE ears of corn to your SS Card!!!

Bananas - used a silver coin - .64lb
I used my 3 Dollar Doublers as well as a $10/$50 my mom gave me from her Recycling points!!
The cashier said "wow you did a great job shopping today!" i felt like saying "i do a great job shopping everyday!" lol ;-)

Total Oop:$49.74
Total Coupon Savings: $23.25 Total S…

How to: Get companys to set you up with giveaways

Alright, ive been blogging & couponing for just over 2 years now. I love doing it, and i love helping people save money! On my FaceBook Fan Page I do some giveaways, but they arent anything special like the ones ive been entering for actual PRODUCTS from different company's, like Rubbermaid, Softlips, etc., but I have no clue where to start or how you guys get the companys to do this for you. Ive emailed a bunch of company's and only 2 said they'd be happy to help me so i used their product for a give away, but it was only free coupons, then other companys seem offended I even asked and other companys say they arent dont have a give away policy yet, but will pass my email along to the proper person for future use. So come on help me out! I know a few of you have mentioned a few websites and I did sign up with them. The newest one i signed up with today is Mom Select -- so we'll see how that goes!!!

**p.s for the people who actually read by blog, how do you feel im d…

CVS 7/27

I went to CVS again yesterday!
Here's what I got:

1 U Kotex $4.99 - used $1 U Kotex CRT & $1/1 MQ + get $4.99 in ECBs so w/those Q's its even better than FREE =)2 Little Swimmers [Yes, Carly if your reading this i finally ran out of ALL those Swimmers i bought 2 years ago!! I think i had 15 packs?!] $2/$15.98 used $1/1 CRT & a $3/1 ANY Huggies MQ + get $3ECB on 21 Therma Care 3ct Patch $6.99- used $2/1 CRT and $3/1 MQ *used $10 ECB from earlier in the day & got back $7.99 ECBs!
Total Oop - $7.07 SAVED - $24.30

Cristin is coupon crazy is going a give away!!!

Go here to enter!!!

Walmart 7/26

I hardly ever go to Walmart anymore, but I wanted to get a pair of those new Dr Scholl's custom fit orthodontic for when we go away considering we'll be doing mainly all walking and my knee and back have been a mess, so its worth a shot! Check it out HERE if you don't know what i'm talking about!!


Transaction #1 - Dr. Scholl's $50.00 I had a $3 coupon for the regular ol' flimsy ones that i was going to get if they didnt have the number i seeing as i wasnt getting the reg. ones i wasn't going to use the coupon. The cashier saw it and said oh are you going to use that? i said no cause its not the right thing, she said it says any Dr. Scholl's right? [i dont know if it did or didn't cause she took it from me], she scanned it and it went through! So i paid $47 instead of $50. But the best part was that I was able to use our HSA account seeing as its a medical/health product!

Transaction #2 - I got the extra work outs for Wii Active that Iv…

CVS 7/26

This AM I did the Pampers Deal.
$21 for a box and get $10 ECBs! Use either the $1.50/1 from the 7-11s or the $3.00 IP to make the deal even better.!!.

CVS 7/24

I wasn't going to do CVS this week, but i finally decided to go!...Well actually my husband went for me while i got ready to shoot a wedding=) He's getting pretty good at this stuff!!!!

He got:
2 Pantene Shampoo's 2/$6.97 - he used two $2.00/1 coupons & a BOGO Q all from the parade magazine a few weeks ago1 Schick Quattto Razor $8.99 - he used a $4/1 QUsed $8 ECBs & got $6 ECBs back!
Total Oop = $0.00
Saved = $21.97
My YTD Savings is now $1007.74!!

K-Mart Toy Clearance 7/23

I wasn't planning on doing the K-Mart toy sale but i finally caved!!!

*I spent $79.16 [of xmas/bday $$]
*Total before savings $196.08
*SAVED $116.92!!

[sorry about the poor cell quality photos... i wasn't home to use my good camera!]
-Wizards of WP Doll
-Wizzards of WP Wand
-My Little Pony with DVD
-Fairy Barbie
-BFC Accessories

-Toy Story RC Race Car
-Toys Story backpack thing w/wings
[haha sorry i forgot what its called its in the car now]
-Tag Jr. Book
-Craftsman tool set
-Flying remote wings

[Most expensive things were the TS stuff...but were only $17 & $11! I wasn't expecting them to be on clearance with TS3 being so popular right now!]

Target Toy Clearance 7/23

For those of you who don't know Target does a big Toy Clearance 2x a year, it starts at 30% off, goes to 50% then finally 75% right now are store is the majority of 30 & 50 off but most of the Ni hao, Kai-lan stuff is 75% off and some other random stuff at this point. Last year was my first year starting my bday/xmas shopping early and boy did it help!!! Both my kids bdays are in November and then xmas right after -- OUCH!! Stocking up on the Target Clearance last year saved us SOOO much!!! Check out your store and see what you can find!!!! There is stuff down most of the isles all mixed in and then there is a isle that has all clearance [at our store anyway, i dont want to give you guys false info if its not the same everywhere]. Good luck! Let me know what you guys find!!!!
Target Toy Clearance ROUND 1! :*The 2 Shirts are for B2S for Kait they were 75% off $1.98ea
*Kandoo Wipes $1.49 - used a $1/1 coupon = .49

Total Oop =$48.80
Total w/o Clearance Prices = $114.98!!
Total SAVED =…

KMart BDay Club

Go here

You get a Goodie Bag, hat, 5 dollar coupon [for the kids of course!]

*Thanks Amanda!

I love Direct TV BUT....

Back in January we signed up for Direct TV, because we [and i'm pretty much speaking for a good portion of our town!] couldn't stand Charter. We got a pretty good deal, lots of promos, discounts, etc. We were pretty happy! The man who installed our dish and set up our service was great, he showed us all the things to do that we didn't have before! Like DVR, Pausing and Fast Forwarding a show and being able to pick 9 Favorite channels etc. and First month of service was great!! We loved all our new channels that we didn't have with cable as well!! One of the deals was if you signed up and were approved for auto pay [comes right out of your bank account w/o having to send money in] well we were approved and were told we were all set, and for signing up with auto pay you were to get a $100.00 Visa GC! Sounded good to me [i had already planned what we were using it on...a certain Christmas present for our daughter]!! Well we realized after the first month that they never t…

Old Navy Clearance Addtnl 50% off!

Old Navy's Clearance is a additional 50% off!!! Good time to stock up for next year!!!!
I also had the $5/$50 coupon from Old Navy on FB [click on the barkers bones tab]. Here is what i got!
Heres what i got & totals:


3 - Bathing Suits 3- Pairs of Shorts [2 of the same style 2 different sizes]3 - Shirts1- Pair of Frog Floaties [$6.50 for .97 -- not pictured]


2 - Dresses 2 - Lightweight Sweaters1 - Pair of Capri's
Total on Original Prices = $223.50!!
Total Oop = $50.36
Saved = $173.14!
July 31th - August 7th is National Bowling Week. If you get THIS COUPON on line, you can get one free game of Bowling on August 7th. You can print the coupon as many times as you want, so your whole family can participate.

Thanks GINA

Free Snikiddy Product!

Go HERE to print your coupon!!!

CVS Match Ups

Thanks to surviving the stores

Buy Celcius Green Tea 4 pk. @ $7.99, Earn $7.99 in ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $3/1 coupon from the 4/25 SS or Celsius Green Teach Printable Coupon
Pay $4.99 out of pocket
Get back $7.99 in ECBs
$3 Money-maker after coupon and ECBs!Buy TWO M&Ms Pretzel Chocolate Candies @ 50¢ each, Earn $1 in ECBs (Limit 1)
Use B1G1 free coupon from the 6/27 RP
or use 75¢/2 coupon from the 6/20 SS (*exp 7/18)

Pay as little as 25¢ out of pocket
Get back $1 in ECBs
75¢ Money-maker after coupon and ECBs!Buy Bayer Contour Meter @ $14.99, Earn $5 in ECBs (Limit 1)
Use $10/1 coupon from the 4/25 RP
Pay $4.99 out of pocket
Get back $5 in ECBs
FREE after coupon and ECBs!Renpure Organics – Buy 1 @ $6.99, Get 1 Free
Send in for Free after Rebate found on some bottles
2 for FREE after rebate & SaleMentos Gum – Buy 2 @ $1.79, Get 1 Free
Use 55¢/1 coupon from the 4/25 SS (*use 3 coupons!)
or use $1/2 coupon from the 4/25 SS

As little as 64¢ each after couponsBuy Gillette Proglide or Power…

Pampered Chef!

If anyone is interested in getting anything from pampered chef, go HERE to do it!!!!
You can have whatever you order delivered directly to you, so it doesn't matter where you live!!
Thanks Guys!

Swag Code!

If your not signed up for Swag Bucks you NEED to do it now!!! Its a great way to earn awesome freebies!!! Go HERE to sign up! If your already a member theres a code right now!!! Go to the swag blog and find the code for 15 sbs!!!

Big - Y

Im not going to list everything i bought but if you have questions about how i got a certain item please ask!!!
So glad i got salad, goat cheese and Gorgonzola so I can use the salad bowl my sister inlaw brought us back from South Africa [picture of it below]!!!
Ohh and all that Yogurt was a good deal!! It looks like alot, but we eat it like its going out of style!!!
3 Big-Y double coupons$5/$40 Big-Y CRT Q [and i got another one for next week on my receipt today! Along with 2 silver coins!]
Total Oop = $54.29
Coupon Savings $$24.05
I Saved 58%!

Target 7/19

I haven't been to Target in so long, and im not sure what made me want to go! But anyway, this is what I got:

1 - Mountain Dew 12 packs $3 Use the $1/1 Target coupon from here. Final cost only $2!Buy 2 Stride Singles Gum 14 ct.Use the New B1G1 FREE 14-ct. Stride Singles gum Target CouponUse the B1G1 Stride Gum: Buy 1 Pack, Get 1 Pack Stride Shift Free coupon from the 5/16 SSFinal Cost– 2 packs of gum for FREEGlade Fabric & Air Odor Eliminator $3.49 (Regular Price) Use the $2/1 Target store coupon from here (click on the “Groceries” category) Plus, stack with the $1/1 manufacturer’s coupon from here or from the 7/11 SS. Final cost ONLY $0.49!Tide Stain Release 10 ct. Duo Pacs $2.99 (Price Cut Until 8/14) Use the $1.50/1 Target regional coupon from the 6/6 RP(Or use the $1/1 Target regional coupon from the 6/27 insert) Plus, stack with the $1/1 coupon from the 6/6 or 7/4 PG. Final cost as low as $0.49!Buy 2 Pantene Restorative Styling Products starting in price at $3.49Total…

BOG2 Crush @ Big-Y

This week [till today] Big-Y has Crush Soda on sale BOG2 $1.59 ea i used 2 BOGO coupons and got 6 for free! Dont ask me to figure out the math cause this stuff confuses me haha. But if you have the coupon, hurry up and get to big-y before they close tonight and get your soda!!!
Hopefully THIS link works...

Staples 7/14

I had a $9 Staples rewards coupon that i needed to use up...i usually use them for ink, but i didnt need any, so i had to use it on something, so Kait and I went to see what was left for the .01 and $1.00 stuff! We Got: Crayola Crayons .59Crayola Fat Markers $1.00Crayola Chalk .89Hype Grip Highlighters $1.002 Glue .39eaIndex Card Case [for me] $1.49Scissor 2 Pack $1.0012" Ruler $1.492 Packs of Pencils .01 ea1 Pack of Filler lined paper $1.00Total OOP = 0.00 and got .24 back from my $9 Rewards Q

CVS 7/13

2 John Frieda products 2/$10 - used two $3/1 Q's2 Head & Shoulders Shampoo $4.99 ea. used 1 BOGO Q2 Milky Ways used .50 off 1 CRT couponTotal Oop $2.52 Used $8 ECBs SAVED $25.92 Got $7 ECBs back!

Mail Box ! !

Today in the mail i got:A sample of Power Bar Energy Blasts + two $1.00 Q'sTwo $2.50/1 LUVs Q'sFour $1/1 Fabreze Q's [4 different kinds]

CVS 7/9

2 - Cascade 2/$5.99 used two .50 Q[home mailer Q's] + get 1 ECB wyb2
2 - Tampax 2/$6 used two $2/1 Q + get 1 ECB wyb22 - Gillette Body Wash 2/$7 used $1/2 and a BOGO Manf.1 - Duracell Batteries $2.99 used $1.50 Q + get 1 ECB
2 - Fabreze Sprays $2.99 used $1/1 Q & a BOGO
1 - Fusion Power Razor $9.97 used $3 [home mailer Q] + get $5 ECBs-Used $11 ECBs plus above coupons & got back $8 ECBs!
-Total Oop = 4.65
-SAVED - $49.25!!

1 Day Give away!!!!

If you have a baby this might be for you!!!
Become a fan of my page HERE then go HERE!
If you cant use these...maybe someone you know could so pass my page along! Thanks guys!

Hapy 4th of July!

I hope you all have a great 4th and stay safe!!! We're going to be at my in-laws on the beach all weekend and having a cookout with my side and my husbands side!! Should be fun!

Tomorrow is also my grandfathers 16 year anniversary =\ He passed away as they were walking out the door to come to my parents house for a cook out & then my Nana passed away the next day 14 years later -- i was only 10 when my papa died so i didn't get to know him well, but i miss my Nana more and more every day that goes by! When we knew she didnt have much longer i said wouldn't it be weird if she died on the 4th as well? My mom said it wont happen cause she wont want to share the day ;-)...she wants her own day! Yep shes my Nana...shes just as stubborn as me!<3>

A friends Give Away!

A fellow blogger friend of mine is hosting a give away right now till July 11th!
Go over to her blog HERE to enter!!!

A LITTLE outlet shopping!!!

It was a pretty cool day out and today started Daves 7 day Vacation so we started it with some outlet shopping in the Berkshires for the kids...[and me ;-)] This is what I scored!!!
Total Before Savings = $178.00Total OOP = $44.92Total SAVED = $133.08![5 Shirts for Brae 2T for fall/spring & a pair of gym shorts 4 Shirts for Kait and a Pair of Back2School Jeans]

Total Before Savings = $178.00Total OOP = $49.54Total SAVED = $128.46!!
[3 Dresses, Skirt, Tank for Kait & 3 PJs, 4th swim suit that comes with a Tshirt for Brae]

4th of July TShirt Orig. $15.50 all 4th TShirts on sale for $5ea!!Pair of Shorts [for me] Orig. $27.99 on sale for $10 & Onsie for Brae Orig. $9.99 on sale for $3.99 [i don't usually do Onsies @ this age but i had to for this one...esp if you know what our last name is!]Saved @ AE $10.50
Saved @ GAP $23.99 TOTAL ALL TOGETHER BEFORE SAVINGS = $399.49TOTAL AFTER ALL SAVINGS =$286.04All Together Paid = $113.45

Similac Advance!! [ebay]

I downloaded a FREE ABC Flash Cards App for my iTouch...When we're out somewhere i'll pull it out for Brae and he would just look at it and go back and forth with the cards. Well i sat him down wondering what he'd do if I went through them 1 by 1 with him... well this is what I got!!! He is almost 20 m/o! I love my little man!!! Well my little girl too, but this is his post ;-)

Wii Active!

The other day on my FB Fan Page I asked a Question: Wii Fit vs. Wii Active [Your Shape too...i forgot about that one]... well I LOVE Wii Active, apparently I love it a little too much!!!
DH got this shot right after the band snapped me in the face lol!!
[a few days later I emailed EA Sports asking what their warranty policy was, they emailed me back saying to send a that i did! Maybe I shoulda waited and sent this picture haha]

A little better...

Ive been fighting with my blog template for the past two nights... i have no idea what i did wrong. I just went to change the design and all the sudden everything went crazy! I didn't do anything that i hadn't done before! This is how its going to be for a bit till I have some time to sit down and think straight!! Sorry if its annoying and hard to read right now!
I also lost a lot of the blogs I used to follow! So if you know that I used to read your blog send me your blog link so i can re-add you!
Sorry everyone!