Sunday, November 21, 2010

Target 4 Day Pre Black Friday Sale

This was so last im talking 3am i decided id go!!! The store opened @ 8am, so my husband got home at 7:30, woke me up and we left! There was no one in the store! Surprising! My Trip went like this:
  • 2 - Legos Org. $19.99 on sale for $14.99 used two target $5/lego coupons
  • 2 - My little pony with remote Orig. $22.99 on sale for $17.99 used a target 50% off your purchase of 2.
  • 1 - Little People Airport Orig. $39.99 on sale for $19.99 used $5/1 Fisher Price Coupon
  • 1 - Little People Nativity Orig. $27.99 on sale for $13.99 <<<---great price!!! used Target $5/1 Fisher Price Q 
[we already have one but got this one for my parents house seeing as my moms ceramic one always gets touched by the kids!]

Total Before Savings =$179.xx
Total Oop = $89.00 (from my xmas account)
Saved $69.98

**I always focus on the little kids in my family first, then i do my parents, sister, and husband, seeing as they are either really easy or just giftcards!**


  1. What is the exp. date on the target toy coupons you used? Thanks!

  2. im not exactly sure cause im not near the flier but i want to say 12/14 for some reason.


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