Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sally Beauty Company - Complaint

To Whom This May Concern, Yesterday afternoon, 7/17/13 at 6:52pm I visited your Chicopee, MA. #3338 store. I had my 8 and 4 year old with me as we were going to pick out fun nail polish colors. Upon walking in the door we were greated by a associate who was sitting on top of the counter talking to another associate behind the counter. The one sitting on the counter never looked up from the ground when we walked in, yet managed to get out "Hello how are you today would you like a flier?" all in one monotone voice like she was being forced to say it. I said "yes, sure, ill take one". STILL she hadn't looked up from the ground! She semi slid off the counter and reached to a shelf and handed me the flier - I mean i could have grabbed it for her if I knew she was going to break a sweat getting it for me! Once my husband was done shopping next door he met us in Sally's, soon as he walked in, the same associate put her head up and said "HI! HOW ARE YOU TODAY!?" He didn't even know the story yet and was a little weirded out by her tone! However, she was STILL sitting on the counter! Anyway the part that REALLY got me and bothers me ALOT, is the conversation that took place during our trip to your store. I ended up handing my husband my nail polishes, taking my kids and bringing them to the car, because I couldn't listen to it anymore. Having had two grandmothers in nursing homes in the past 2-3 years choosing nursing homes with proper care was extremely important to our entire family as well as have worked in two nursing who won multiple awards for Patient Excellence, so when I tell you what I was said I really hope its not taken lightly! As the associate who is still sitting on the counter continues sitting, she begins telling the other associate "...ohh I do that when I'm working at the nursing home when i don't feel like giving the old people their baths" (I'm not sure what "that" is) "when I DO give them their baths I just sit them on the side of the tub and wash their feet and make sure theirs no mold growing on them cause I don't wash them all the time. Then ill swoosh my hand around the water so it sounds like I'm washing them." That was a absolutely inappropriate conversation to be having while she was working, and in general! Like I said, I had to remove myself from that situation... I wouldn't have purchased my items but i wanted my receipt for my records, however she didn't end up cashing out my husband. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I know this is not your fault, but I felt I should bring it to someones attention.

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